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Novella prequel to Book #1 available only through Amazon

Sexy Alabama redneck Big Matt Carter is back home two years after hightailing it out of Possum Hollow on his Harley. Nothing seems to have changed. Well, nothing except for the preacher’s daughter, Catie Ann Mason. Sweet Catie Ann has gone from little girl to all woman,  and she is on a mission to make Big Matt hers. He isn’t sure how to deal with the sexy new Catie Ann but finds himself wanting more, wanting forever.


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Jimmie Joe Johnson has spent years living up to his hound dog reputation. If he can’t have the one female he truly wants, then any female will do. When he isn’t off diddlin’ some female, he’s practicing for pool playoffs, determined to get his pool team to Vegas. Not only for bragging rights, but for the free trip to ‘Sin City’ and cash prize that comes along with it.

Baylee Jean Brown has never gotten over her first and only love, Jimmie Joe Johnson. So when she discovers the truth about why he really ended things with her all those years before, she sets out to get her man back. And no other thigh-parting female is going to stand in her way. She just has to find a way to make him take notice of her, considering he’d been avoiding her since that day her spell-threatening aunt (yes, she does come from a long line of witches), threatened to place his man-parts in a jar on her windowsill.

Avoiding Baylee Jean Brown in a town the size of Possum Hollow is hard enough, but all of the sudden she’s dressing sexy and aiming all that female heat in his direction. He tries to convince her that she’s better off without him, but how can he expect her to listen to reason when his own heart and body refuse to? Now his man-parts are in a whole different kind of danger. Not because her aunt might still carry through with her threat to pickle them, but because he knows no other woman will ever do.

"Irreverent, bawdy, laugh out loud funny. The most hilarious book I've read in years--maybe ever! In fact, I'm pretty sure this book is the reason the term "ROFLMAO" was invented. If you combined Jeff Foxworthy's humor and Jason Stackhouse's good looks and libido, you'd end up with Jimmie Joe Johnson, one smokin' hot hound dog and one hilarious read!" --New York Times bestselling author C.L. Wilson


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Randi Lynn Brown has spent her life dreaming of becoming a famous model in New York City. But when the opportunity arises for her to do just that, she finds herself rethinking everything. Folks in Possum Hollow, Alabama are counting on her to make them proud. What if she fails? And can she really leave Skeeter Cooper behind? Not that there is really anything to leave behind. The irritating man has made it clear that she ain’t his kinda female. The kind that drinks and curses and doesn’t mind getting a little dirty. Maybe he’s right. Then again, maybe he ain’t.

Skeeter Cooper has always locked horns with that sexy, sassy female, Randi Lynn Brown. It’s not until word gets out that she’s going to New York City that he realizes how much he’s gonna miss having her in his life. But he’s not about to keep her from chasing after her dream. He’ll do whatever it takes to give Randi Lynn the push she needs to go after what she’s always wanted. Even if it means her hating him for it. Then he gets hooked into taking her with him to the bass fishing tournament he’s competing in up in the Finger Lakes region of New York, agreeing to run her on in to New York City afterwards. Only everything changes between them that weekend and leaving her behind is the hardest thing he’s ever had to do.

Modeling in New York City is everything Randi Lynn has ever dreamed it would be and more. Only problem is, her heart’s not in it. It’s back in the very place she’d always been so eager to leave behind. Deciding to follow her heart, Randi Lynn sets out to get her man. And there ain’t nothing that’s gonna stop this here redneck girl from REELING IN HER REDNECK.

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